address Zawoja 1233, 34-222 Zawoja
phone 508553138

A wooden house called by the locals „księżówka” (the name comes from the Polish word ksiądz - priest)  is Hall of Memory of Saint John Paul II. The pope's close friend, priest Marian Jaworski, who later became the metropolitan bishop of Lviv and and a cardinal, used to spend his holidays here. He also met in the house with Cardinal Karol Wojtyła, with whom he hiked in the mountains. At present you can see in „księżówka” photographs from the 50s and 60s of the  previous century, showing Karol Wojtyła during his trips around Zawoja. The exposition also includes souvenirs from the meetings of the locals with the pope in Vatican City. In Hall of Memory you can also see a film about John Paul II, which concentrates on the time he spent in the Babia Góra region.


In the building there is also a Tourist Information Office, where you can find information about the region and tourist attractions in the area. You can also buy some souvenirs there.



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