address Zawoja 1882, 34-222 Zawoja
phone 535 275 265

Tabakowy Chodnik (Snuff Trail)- the name of the inn comes from the trail which was used to smuggle snuff from Galicia to Hungary. The trail led along a forestal path from the present PTTK hostel situated on Krupowa Glade, across Polica mountain and Jałowiecka Pass and to Upper Zubrzyca in Orawa and further on across the Hungarian border (at present it is a border with Slovakia). In the interwar period the Snuff Trail was used to smuggle shoes and parts of lighters from Czechoslovakia to Poland.

Old objects and machines which were used in the past in farming in Zawoja can be seen next to the inn. Inside you can eat traditional dishes of Babia Góra highlanders.


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Drogą stokową

1:30 h

4.6 km