address Zawoja
phone 6503330330

On the 29th of June 1996 in Zawoja Przysłop, a 30-meter construction with three  wings appeared  near the cemetery and the monastery of the Barefoot Carmelites. This construction is a wind turbine. Wind is a renewable source of energy, which is perfect for the environment. The investor and user of this wind turbine was the monastery of the Barefoot Carmelites situated nearby, in Zawoja Zakamień. Fr. Romuald was the initiator of this construction. The wind turbine is entirely automatised and professional. It works when the wind blows with the speed from 4 to 25 m/s. At present the wind turbine doesn't work and its owner is a private person. When you stand near the turbine you can admire a picturesque view of Polica, Babia Góra and the Jałowiecki range.

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