address Zawoja Przysłop, 34-222 Zawoja

It is a senior citizen's house, which is a day care centre. Previously in the building there was Primary School no 4 in Zawoja. It had been set up of the iniciative and with the help of the local people in 1959. It worked for the good of the local environment under the banner of: 'In consonance with The Decalogue and nature.' School activities included ecological and regional education to sustain natural and cultural values of Przysłop. In the building there was a regional museum which had many precious exhibits: old-fashioned tools, household appliences, parts of outfits, photos and souvenirs (later it was moved to the volunteer fire brigade station). In the school's shop „Sklepik pod Magurką” (A Shop at Magurka) you could buy local souvenirs, books and magazines about the region. The school was rewarded with a Green Certificate for the activities connected with balanced local development. Within the Polish nationwide programme „Szkoły dla Ekorozwoju” (Schools for Eco-development) in 2007 the school was given a certificate by the Local Center of Ecological Activity (Lokalne Centrum Aktywności Ekologicznej) and as the first school in Poland got an international reward 'Green Flag' within Eco-Schools Programme. The local Association in aid of Balanced Development 'Przysłop” supported the school's activities. The school was closed down in 2017.

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