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Babia Góra is the highest peak in the Polish Beskids, that's why we call it 'The Queen of the Beskids'. It is also called 'The Mother of Bad Weather' as it is really changeable there.

The mountain massif in the Żywiecki Beskids has a model layout of plant layers. Babia Góra National Park was estabilished in 1954. In 1977 Babia Góra, within the area of the National Park, acquired the status of Biosphere Reserve and was included in the UNESCO 'Man and Bioshere'programme.

There are many legends about Babia Góra in the regional folklore. One of them says that Babia Góra was created from a senior brigand's girlfriend (frajerka) who was waiting for him to come back from plunder in Orawa. When she saw as his companions were carrying him dead she turned into rock out of sorrow, which later grew to the size of present Babia Góra.


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