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Mosorny Groń (1047 m a.s.l.) is a peak in the Polica range. A great location and a specific lay of the hillside caused that in 2003 a chairlift was opened here. The length of the slope is 1312 meters, throughput is 2400 people per hour. The transfer time is about 10 minutes with the maximum speed 2,5 m/s. The lower station is 709 m a.s.l. and the upper one 1045 m a.s.l. Despite some problems throughout the years now the chairlift belongs to PKL (Polish Aerial Lift) and works fine. It is the longest and the most modern ski lift in Zawoja. When wintertime is over you can use here also bike trails and a special track for downhill. The name Mosorny Groń is of the Wallachian origin. The word 'mosor' means a dish made of one piece of wood. 'Grui' is a high bank of a river.