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In the past one of the most indispensable parts of any household were so called cellars, which were usually used for storing crops. They were usually used for storing potatoes, beetroots and other vegetables. Constant temperature was the main asset of such places, which let the vegetables kept inside, stay fresh for a very long time.

They were usually built of rocks and big stones – both walls and the ceiling. The terrain on which they were built was taken advantage of, people were trying to place them as deep in the ground as possible. They were using low hills, where the entrance was placed on one side of the hill. Soil was also an additional insulating layer, keeping the temperature constant inside the cellar. The top of the cellar was also very often used as a stone foundation, on which a wooden shed was built. It was used for storing tools and dried leaves, which were used as bedding for farm animals in winter.


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