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Babia Góra Centre of the Mountain Tourism History is a museum which presents the history of mountain tourism on the Babia Góra area. It was set up in 1966 thanks to Edward Moskała. You can admire there exhibits connected with mountain tourism and souvenirs of Hugon Zapałowicz and Kazimierz Sosnowski. Now it's situated in the building of GOPR. This small building is the oldest museum of this type in the Polish mountains. The shape of the building reminds the shape of the first hostel on Markowe Szczawiny which was built in 1906. When Edward Moskała was creating the museum he wanted to draw people's attention not only to the beautiful mountains around but also to the history of the region and the people without whom the development of tourism in the area wouldn't have been possible. Other members of the team responsible for setting up the museum were Jadwiga Wiśniewska, Marek Eminowicz, Józef Gąstoł, Zbigniew Kresek, Kazimierz Polak i Krzesław Stokłosa.


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