address Zawoja
www markoweszczawiny.pttk.pl
e-mail markowe.szczawiny@op.pl
phone 338775105

The hostel was built in 1906 thanks to Dr Hugon Zapałowicz. At the turn of May and June of 2007 it was totally demolished. A new building was constructed on the site and it was opened on the 21st of 2009. It's a two-storey hostel made of brick and the outside layer is made of stone. It offers 40 beds and has a canteen and a kitchen. At the turn of the 50s and 60s of the previous century food was brought to the hostel by a donkey. Unfortunately nobody remembers its name now but it was looked after by Mazur brothers from Podryżowana. It often accompanied tourists going to the hostel when it was carring food supplies.


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