Gry terenowe
Distance 2.8 km
Duration 2:00 h

Zawoja Wilczna is the biggest housing estate in the upper part of Zawoja, situated in the fork of two streams – Skawica and Jaworzynka. The name Wilczna comes from wolves, whose packs were roaming this region many years ago. It's a part of Zawoja which is concentrated on tourists the most. Here you can find hostels, guesthouses, accommodation in private houses, many picturesque places to rest and sports facilities. „Babiogórska Jesień” (Babia Góra Autumn) – the biggest local folk event - is organised here annually. „Babiogórska Jesień” is one of the biggest cultural events of the Beskidy region. Every year you can not only see performances of folk groups from the Babia Góra region, but also from other places. At the festival you can admire folk art from the region and buy handmade souvenires.It is always organised at the end of September, because it is the end of grazing season for sheep. The starting point of the event is welcoming shepherds with their sheep, who come from the glade to their houses for winter time. Lots of locals, as well as tourist, come to listen to traditional music and take part in this festival full of dancing, solemnities and storytelling. There are also many attractions for children, such as worksops and folk games.