address Zawoja 1476, 34-222 Zawoja
www www.bck.zawoja.pl
e-mail bck@zawoja.pl
phone 338775066

The Urszula Janicka-Krzywda Babia Góra Centre of Culture in Zawoja is situated in a parish building. Its aim is to promote the culture of the region and its co-existence with other cultures. The Center motivates loca people to cultivate their traditions and customs.

The parish priest Józef Świąder (1935-1947) iniciated the construction of the building, which was interrupted by the outbrake of World War II. In the years 1944-45 the building was inhabited by the workers employed by the occupiers to build fortifications. After the war The National Council Presidium was situated here as well as a health centre and a maternity unit. Later on there were 'Babia Góra' cinema, a game room, a reharsal hall, the managment of the Community Cultural Centre, a common room and a library.


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