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The open-air museum has been set up and managed by the branch of PTTK organisation situated in Sucha Beskidzka. In the open-air museum you can see traditional wooden households of Babia Góra highlanders. The museum consists of three homesteads dating back to 1802-15, 1900 and 1910, a shrine, a forge and a garner. An etnographical exposition is situated in the hut dating back to 1802-15, which was used as a home for a family, until in 1987 it was transported to the museum. It perfectly shows what houses in Babia Góra region looked like at the beginning of the previous century. In the house from 1900 you can see an exposition about the history of tourism in the Babia Góra area. The hut from 1910 has been renovated and now has got a conference room and guest rooms.

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